CASE STUDY | Rever Offshore Rebrand Implementation

think has a long-standing partnership with major subsea service provider, Rever Offshore.

Throughout the partnership, think has been involved with all aspects of the client’s PR and marketing operations, from website copywriting and social media to press releases and feature writing. In December 2018, the client rebranded from Bibby Offshore and think prepared a campaign for Rever which included writing content for the website, handling social media as well as developing the newsletter and Rever recognition award design.

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the process

Social Media
think handles Rever Offshore’s social media, which includes LinkedIn and Twitter, and develops creative, client objective focused posts and this did not change during the rebrand. In connection with the client’s internal plan, one social media posting promoting the rebrand on the Bibby Offshore LinkedIn page was published which resulted in a 4,400% increase in reactions from the previous post. This attracted traffic to the new Rever Offshore LinkedIn page and led to an increase of on-page impressions from 1,648 to 26, 421 within the first two weeks (an increase of 1503.22%) and a 177% rise in reactions in the first two days of the Rever page being established.

Website Content
Along with the social media plan, think was required to assist in working with a third party web developer to write the content for the new website. The brief involved writing aspects of the home page, history and overview of the company, its services and assets as well as reworking case studies. think was provided with previous web content and this had to be reworded and reduced by 75% to fit in with the new website layout. Content was written and uploaded onto the web design company’s demo site for approval and eventual publishing. The case studies also had to be reduced in length to fit in with the parameters of the brief. The content had to align with the client’s company values and vision which focussed on its people, safety of staff, teamwork and performance while delivering smarter, concentrated and forward-thinking subsea solutions across the globe. All of the content work was completed ahead of schedule and to full client satisfaction.

With the rebrand came some updates of previous campaigns, one of which included the Rever Offshore newsletter. Bibby developed “This Business”, an internal newsletter which was developed to involve staff more in the business, celebrate employee’s personal achievements and showcase the company’s CSR endeavours. The newsletter required a new layout and title which think developed. Taking into consideration the vessel theme as well as the vision of the company, the name “News and the Helm” was chosen which was felt to combine all the most important aspects of the business; people, performance, teamwork and safety. The thinkDesign team then created the new layout, aligning with the Rever Offshore brand guidelines.

Recognition Award Redesign
Rever Offshore recognises its staff and celebrates their achievements, both personal and professional. It is extremely important to the client that its employees are recognised for their hard work, passion and dedication to their roles. Four times a year, Rever honours its finest team members who encourage and endorse the company values by presenting them with a Rever Recognition Award. think was asked to design the new recognition award logo and certificate which was created by thinkDesign which adhered to the brand guidelines and client’s values.

Rever Offshore continues to be one of think’s most loyal clients. Throughout 2019 has continued to develop Rever’s PR and marketing campaigns with sponsorship assistance, feature and case study writing, social media management and awards entries. Rever Offshore is an incredibly valuable client to think and we look forward to a long and prosperous future with the company.

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