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Brand realignment

Nucore Group approached think to review its current brand which also included two subsidiaries, HVAC and Oteac. think prepared recommendations along with a structured marketing and communications plan to raise the profile of Nucore Group, whilst maintaining the legacy of the two subsidiaries which were going to trade under Nucore Group going forward.

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the process

Branding and company profile
The initial stages of the project were reviewing and aligning the company brand, to ensure one coherent and consistent message. Activities were undertaken to develop the company offering, mission and vision, putting in place the groundwork required to build a strong, long-lasting brand.

Website Content
As part of the brand realignment, think was required to redesign and write the content for the new Nucore Group website. The brief involved writing the content for the new combined company offering, securing new photography and liaising with third-party web developers throughout. The existing websites were redirected.

Internal and External Communications
It was extremely important to ensure that the internal message was correctly communicated to employees. This included the creation of:

  • Staff FAQ document which was distributed following the townhall session
  • A refresh of the Nucore Group company values which were shared internally
  • Creation of brand guidelines
  • Update of email footers

Think also supported with:

  • The writing of supplier and customer letter templates for distribution
  • Refresh of van livery
  • Update of branded promotional items

A press release was also written and issued to the local and wider media outlets to announce the brand realignment.

think successfully led and supported Nucore Group through the brand realignment process. Think will continue to support Nucore Group with its PR and marketing activities to assist Nucore Group with its aspirations for strong growth for the future.

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