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Rising to the top - website audit and SEO implementation

DeltaTek had an online presence but struggled to rank in Google searches for their name brought up global companies of the same name but not theirs. Something needed to be done, so the team enlisted the help of think’s digital experts.

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the process

DeltaTek had an existing website that was underperforming and didn’t rank well on Google. Undertaking an audit of the website’s back end, content and analytics allowed think’s digital team to produce a report with key recommendations, including revamped content.

Following a full technical audit, thinkDigital got to work on the content development. As with many start-up companies, the content that existed was a little out-dated for the evolving needs of the business. At the centre of all content development was SEO and technical accuracy, which would help the website perform, in addition to ensuring it looked good.

The new website content was built into the site’s existing structure and additional content was added.

Working with the web developer who provided the original website, thinkDigital implemented changes to the content, technical updates to the back end of the site, and ensured the site was fully integrated with Google.

Prior to the changes being implemented, DeltaTek struggled to rank in Google searches, including direct searches for the company name or tools. Following the content and technical updates, DeltaTek sky-rocketed to the number one search result across multiple keywords and search terms, seeing a considerable increase in website statistics in just a short time from re-launch.

25% increase in sessions
35% increase in unique users
26% increase in page views

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