Decom North Sea was established in 2010 in response to the needs of industry.

Recognising think’s expertise in the oil and gas sector and with previous successful working relationships established in past roles, we were appointed in the months following the body’s formation. Since that time, our remit has grown from a general media relations awareness campaign to 24/7/365 reputational advisors and management, strategic event management and responsibility for all written content – from keynote speeches and thought leadership to quarterly newsletters, which we also edit.

We challenge the Executive team on a regular basis, to ensure that external audiences - both within and outwith the oil and gas industry – have a clear understanding of the organisation’s capabilities and influence.

Decom offshore event

the process

In conjunction with the client, think devises a busy communications strategy with a strong focus on reputation and expertise. think oversees and issues a regular stream of commentary, to highlight and cement Decom North Sea’s status within the oil and gas industry. Decom North Sea’s opinion is frequently sought by print, digital and broadcast media and we work closely with its key spokespeople to prepare for interviews across all channels. We provide attendance as required to ensure all interviews are managed appropriately.

We frequently liaise with partner organisations such as the Oil and Gas Authority, OGUK, HSE, DBEIS, SEPA and so on, to ensure a comprehensive and accurate approach to all activity.

With a view to maintain the robust reputation as the “decom experts”, think proposed the inauguration of the Decom Awards, which entered its third year in 2020.

Decom North Sea is now seen as the go-to representative body for the decommissioning sector, most recently demonstrated by its role as a responder to the government’s Call for Evidence focusing on establishing the UK as a decommissioning hub.

DNS now has more than 400 members drawn from an international selection of operators, major contractors, service specialists and technology developers. Thousands have attended its programme of major events and briefings in the UK and internationally.

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