Briggs Marine, a leading supplier of services to a range of marine focused industries, appointed us to predominantly support crisis communications surrounding industrial action.

This was specifically related to the company’s operations of the Woolwich Ferry based in London, which had been subject to several trade union disputes. think was tasked with developing a co-ordinated response to any local and trade media, who would undoubtedly be interested in the ongoing events.

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the process

We worked closely with senior management at Briggs to obtain a full, in-depth understanding of the background to the trade union and employee disputes, as well as the feeling from staff on-the-ground. From there, a very specific communications strategy was created along with key messages, which were transformed into pre-agreed statements for press.

As the dispute continued over the course of months, further issues emerged which had to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Our team kept in regular contact with the key staff members at Briggs to ensure we were fully up-to-date on all issues, confidential and in the public domain. This allowed us to draft press statements in advance of trade union communications being issued, so Briggs Marine was prepared and able to offer a quick response.

think fielded all incoming media enquiries, acting as an extension of the company’s internal marketing team. This allowed the operational management team at Briggs to focus on the issues at hand, and reaching an agreement with the unions and employees. The team valued our support during this critical and important time.

Following the months of ongoing debate, Google and news searches were filled with stories on the Woolwich Ferry when searching for Briggs Marine.

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