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06 March 2017

Trust Is A Must

Gone are the days of believing that “any publicity is good publicity.” In this digital age where negative press spreads like wildfire, businesses are more conscious than ever of what they put in the public eye.

Understandably, some businesses are cautious of PR and wary of proactively pushing news into the public domain. And we get it; with online news sites regularly sharing examples of companies getting it wrong, it’s easy to see why some give PR a wide berth.

Just a few weeks ago, the London Dungeon came under fire for a “Dark Valentine” social media campaign which sparked outrage and led to the attraction being accused of demeaning women with sexist and misogynistic messages.

The posts were subsequently deleted and a public apology was issued soon afterwards. The campaign had a mixed reaction from the public with some believing it was a great idea as it got people talking, with others questioning how many senior pairs of eyes signed off such a controversial idea.

OK, so this is an extreme example, but the truth is, PR doesn’t have to be something to fear! When it’s strategic, controlled and well thought out, PR can do great things for your business:


Find your tribe

Once you understand who your audience is and where they are, you’ll also discover the platforms they use and the publications they read. PR lets you talk directly to your target audience to tell them about your business, your products and services and how you can help them.

GoPro is a great example of a company knowing where to find its audience. Whilst the company has done some traditional advertising, it has relied on YouTube as the main method of selling action cameras. With more than 4million followers, GoPro knows its customers want to buy into an experience as well as a product.

Trust is a must

When flicking through a magazine, are you more drawn to advertisements or editorial features? If a journalist chooses to interview someone from your company or write an in-depth technical feature about your company’s new technology, this will always receive a more positive response from your customers than paid-for ads.

Everyone knows that Richard Branson in the face of Virgin. Whilst he regularly blogs and tweets, he never directly tries to sell a Virgin product or service. Instead he tells stories, offers insights and lets his audience get to know him.

Boost your brand

You know what your company’s values and key messages are, but does your target audience? Strategic PR plans ensure your messages shine through in every news release, editorial feature and social media post and are consistently delivered to your audience to reinforce your brand values.

Innocent Smoothies get this really right. Their brand is honest, fun, simple and funny which comes across in all of their copywriting and social media posts. Every website needs a compliment generator!

Lead the way

The more news, articles and blogs that appear about your company in the press and online, the more likely your brand is to appear in front of your target audience. Being viewed as an expert in your field is extremely valuable and will help to build on your company’s reputation as an industry leader.

If you’ve never heard of Joe Wicks (AKA The Body Coach) or his Lean in 15 recipes, then it’s likely you’ve been living under a rock for some time. Joe has built a massive following through social media videos to become the go-to guy for how to eat healthily and maximise workouts. Clients on his fitness plans are shedding pounds and dropping inches and Joe’s popularity has gone through the roof.

Trust in us!

We love when our clients want to do something a bit different and suggest creative, quirky and ‘outside the box’ ideas. But it’s also our job to make sure you take a step back and think about how these ideas and messages will be viewed by your audience. Your agency should never let you send something into the public domain that could potentially damage your company’s reputation. We care about your brand as much as you do!


Still feeling PR-shy? Say hello and we’ll give you some encouragement!