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27 January 2017

Trump the Competition

Today marks the one week anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States. A terrifying scenario for many, a travesty for others and a miraculous victory for some, The Donald’s election has certainly got people talking.

Love him or hate him, it can’t be denied that Mr Trump is very much his own brand, with many supporters believing his trademark traits were the success behind almost 63 million votes.

Surprisingly - despite his extreme views and, at times, bizarre behaviour - many components of Trump’s presidential campaign are worth keeping in mind for businesses developing their own branding and marketing strategies for 2017.

Know your target audience

This is something Trump gets very right. He knows the profile of voters who support him, the problems they’re facing and the solutions that they want. Can you say the same about your target audience? Does your website offer the advice and solutions that your customers need and want? This seems an obvious one but it’s so important to keep your audience in mind in everything you do.

Set yourself apart

Trump is a businessman with zero political experience, but despite this, the American electorate got behind him. What is it that makes your business different? How can you help your customers in ways that your competitors can’t? Your Unique Selling Points (USPs) should be the foundation of your marketing strategy.

Identify your key messages and repeat, repeat, repeat…

Trump took this to another level but it worked for him. He made it very clear why he believed Americans should vote for him and he laid out his policies in simple terms, at every opportunity. Your key messages should work hand-in-hand with your USPs to define your business and should shine through in every element of PR and marketing.

Find your voice on social media

If nothing else, Trump was consistent. He bombarded Twitter with outrageous posts but his personal account boasts 21.9 million followers. Social media can seem like a minefield but in this digital age, it’s necessary for engaging your customers and interacting with them in real-time. Consistency is key and a social media plan should be an important element of your marketing strategy. Create a bank of content that you can draw upon every week and keep your ear to the ground for relevant industry news to share.

Be ready for the media

It’s safe to say Trump’s Senior Advisor and Press Secretary could do with a bit of media training. If the media knock at your door, do you have a nominated spokesperson ready to handle probing journalists? Does that person know that trying to offer “alternative facts” probably isn’t the best idea? Always be prepared!

Be authentic

The most important one of all is authenticity. Even Clinton supporters couldn’t deny that at the very least, The Donald was 100% himself. Be true to your identity, your passions and your values and don’t be hesitant to let your personality shine through. Let your audience get to know you and engage with them whenever possible.


If you’re experiencing some Trump-spiration and need a hand building your brand, get in touch!