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02 April 2015

To print or not to print?

In an age where digital technology has become all things to all men, and offers up creative marketing ideas for every need, you may wonder what good old paper stock still has to offer.

Let me start by saying that we are creatures of habit when it comes to the message we want to portray. We use our senses in our day to day life to touch, smell, see, taste and hear. So when it comes to delivering a message, why are we so quick to dismiss most of these senses and head straight to the screen?  By no means should we revert back to using only traditional print methods, but digital should be seen as an additional, complementary method of communication.

Do you remember when you would receive a letter through the post with a hand written address? Did this not feel personal to you and encourage you to open it? Now think about the last email you received and how you felt before you opened it. In today’s design environment there are so many options available to engage with your customers. Everything from a brightly coloured envelope to printed communications that can be immediately recognised as your brand will stand out from the junk mail usually received.

" marketing should ideally be used in tandem with a print campaign due to the alternative and exciting opportunities it offers."

Think about the texture, so when a customer picks up your marketing materials they know straight away that this is not something that deserves to go into the bin. Taking the approach to engage with the senses even further, the varnishes that can be applied now will even allow you to create a scent – just like a scratch and sniff card which everyone knows well. Remember, the more you can interact with a customer, the better chance you have to catch their attention and the more likely they are to remember you.

Going back to my earlier point, digital marketing should ideally be used in tandem with a print campaign due to the alternative and exciting opportunities it offers. This is only set to keep evolving, and at a rapid pace – look at website design just a few years ago compared with what’s on offer now. This process has given an injection of life into how we approach marketing, not only in a visual sense but just as importantly, how we deliver content to users. This content provides the story of your service, product or business, and the days of slow, limited updating are far behind us now.

Communication through the use of mobile technology and apps has also given the consumer more and more opportunities to interact with your business. So remember to tell them your story in the most effective way, really thinking about who your target audience is and how to reach them.

By all means, look to others for inspiration but remember, in most cases what works for your competitors will always be associated with them. Lead by example and free your creativity for a productive return!

Remember there are many options to consider when looking for a graphic design solution, but don’t write off print - embrace it, and think about your senses and how you use these to get you through the day. The technology of print can give you some great solutions and complement your website to effectively tell your story.

To hear more about what ThinkCreative can do for your digital and printing needs, please get in touch and we can explore how we can add visual value to your company.