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19 June 2015

ThinkPR to play a supportive role in growth of Glencraft

Having successfully completed our ’10 Years...£10,000’ campaign for the Alfie Milne Trust, ThinkPR is proud to announce that we will be supporting Aberdeen-based Glencraft as part of our ongoing commitment to CSR. 

The whole team is excited to be supporting this deserving social enterprise in raising its profile, and generating awareness of its high-quality mattresses and beds.

“Everyone at ThinkPR is excited to be working with Glencraft as it is such a worthwhile, deserving cause." Annabel Sall, CEO of ThinkPR 

Glencraft, a trading social enterprise and registered charity, was established in 1843 as a means to offer disadvantaged and disabled persons with an opportunity to work, as part of its ‘Dignity through Work’ campaign.

Today, Glencraft employs around 45 members of staff, approximately 80% of whom are disabled or disadvantaged. The social enterprise aspect of Glencraft is important, and great focus is placed upon training so that staff are continually developing craftsman, administration and business skills.

Glencraft is proud to produce an exceptionally high quality, hand-crafted product, which not only has the Royal Warrant, but can be found in some of Scotland’s leading hotels including the Marcliffe, The Chester, The Bonham and Gleneagles.

Annabel Sall, CEO of ThinkPR said: “Everyone at ThinkPR is excited to be working with Glencraft as it is such a worthwhile, deserving cause. There is so much scope and potential not only as a social enterprise, but also as a thriving business. We are looking forward to helping Glencraft achieve its business goals and highlighting the fantastic work that the team undertake every day.”