Global PR, marketing and design agency


21 February 2017


Three weeks ago, I stepped into the world of PR and my experience has been so different from what I imagined – but in a good way!

As part of my university placement I’ve been working alongside the team at global PR, marketing and design agency think.

Before starting my placement I didn’t really know what to expect; the kind of work I would be doing or how involved I would be. I imagined I would be answering the phones and making coffees, but I was so wrong and jumped right in at the deep end.

In my first week, I spent an afternoon brainstorming with a new client about its exciting event set to hit Aberdeen this summer. I was tasked with researching potential social media ideas and online concepts to help raise the event’s profile, giving me the chance to broaden my social media knowledge and learn from the team’s digital experts. 

I’ve helped collate client coverage books and research media opportunities, and I’ve even been involved with the interview process for features profiling one of think’s newest clients, Pushing Out the Boat.

Each assignment has given me a better understanding of the different roles within the industry and how much work think carries out for its clients. I’ve learned how varied each one is and how they all have contrasting requirements that the team needs to accommodate.

There is a great deal of hard work that goes on behind the scenes that not a lot of people know about – the list is endless.

Going on placement is an important part of gaining your degree because it gives you the chance to apply what you learn at university in a professional environment. Often, having a degree is not enough when applying for jobs as the market is so competitive and having experience within a business gives you an edge. 

So it’s definitely worth six weeks without long lies!

What I have appreciated the most is the opportunity to learn new skills from everyone who works at think but also to be involved without the pressure of being wrong. Being able to work and apply my skills without feeling the stress that everything must be perfect the first time has given me the opportunity to grow and given me confidence to continue to develop my own skillset.

My first three weeks have been so productive and I can’t wait to find out what the next three will bring!