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20 January 2016

thinkCreatively with Scottish Enterprise’s By Design Grant

The world and web are awash with brands, products and logos, and it becomes increasingly difficult to make sure you stand out from the crowd and are boosting your business to its full potential.

From websites, branding and product development, to packaging and marketing material – there is an abundance of outlets through which to promote yourself. Unfortunately, ensuring you’ve got the right design processes and people in place - and are looking your absolute best across all promotional platforms - can often prove costly.

But wait! Could this be the answer…?

Scottish Enterprise’s By Design grant can help support your business quest to look its best by contributing between £2,000 and £5,000 to help you design brand spanking new products, instil new creative processes and services or help improve the design of what you currently have in place.  

And guess what – the design minds at think and thinkCreative can help make sure you’re hitting the visual mark. We develop strong, innovative and representative design solutions with your goals in mind, ensuring you promote yourself and your company in the most effective and aesthetic way.

With expert design skills and technical know-how, the friendly faces of think take pride in providing outputs that appeal to a broad audience and generate a cohesive brand story that promotes your business and personality.

Take a look at all we do, and what we can do for you.

Who can apply?

  • VAT registered companies in Scotland (except Highlands and Islands) looking to develop new products or services
  • You must be able to contribute at least 25% of the cost
  • You must be able to fund the project up front
  • You must be able to demonstrate the benefits of the project
  • While you don’t have to be trading, you do have to be VAT registered, and be able to describe how the grant will help take your product or service to market
  • If you’re a social enterprise company, you can still apply as long as you are trading and VAT registered.

What can you use it for?

  • Design a new product or service or improve the design of existing products or services
  • Hire a designer to help improve your business processes
  • Updated branding and packaging as part of a larger innovation project, however this must not make up the whole of the project
  • External research providing information on customer needs and wants
  • Hire an expert to help write a design brief or prepare a design blueprint
  • Develop a more user-friendly approach to new product development
  • Hire an expert to help your business use design more effectively
  • Expert advice and feasibility studies
  • Designing and developing a website, as long as the website is part of a project and the costs don’t make up more than 10% of the grant amount.

If you think you fit the bill and fancy learning more about how thinkCreative can help, get in touch and feel free to pop in for a chat.