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27 June 2018

think…work experience

On my first day of work experience at think, I got a feel for the office environment as well as the work done by the company. By reading magazines such as Trend, P&J’s YL Magazine and The Business, I gained a basic understanding of the ways in which companies can advertise and the kinds of material used for news releases. As well as helping with small tasks around the office, I also looked over think’s client list and researched some of the work done for certain clients. This included everything from social media plans for oil companies to press releases for a charity.

On day two I was keen to try creating a plan myself. I chose to research Spectra, Aberdeen’s Festival of Light, as it’s an event I am familiar with and particularly enjoy. After noting down some ideas, I wrote a rough social media plan including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts and competitions to advertise the festival. It was fascinating to experience first-hand just how much thought goes into the marketing of one event.

My third day of work experience was exciting as I got to write a social media plan for an international oil company. This involved writing online posts about upcoming conferences, events and exhibitions across the globe in the forthcoming months. It was eye-opening to see the process behind every Facebook post that forms a company’s image. After completing my social media plan for the Spectra Festival, I went on to write ideas for press releases. There was much more to consider than I expected, showing just how much goes on behind the scenes that members of the public don’t usually think about (yet are influenced by).

Towards the end of the week, I was tasked with updating the event list for a worldwide survey and inspection company. This meant collating information about numerous conferences and shows as well as looking into future events for 2019. I certainly didn’t anticipate the level of organisation and forward-planning that goes into each event. Having read various news stories on clients’ websites throughout the week, I gained a better understanding of what makes a news story successful. I created my own list of example news releases before going on to write one of them. I decided to write about a cancer charity’s appeal for an expansion of their centre. This allowed me to get an idea of what to think about when writing a press release and interpreting which information is the most important.

Work experience at think pleasantly surprised me and I thoroughly enjoyed my week. Although I arrived expecting a quiet room of individual cubicles, I was met with an open and communicative workspace where all questions and ideas were welcome. The tasks I was assigned were very diverse and interesting and overall taught me a lot about PR that I otherwise wouldn’t have learned. I found work experience week to be a great way to get a taster of everyday life in this field and discover something completely new that I had never experienced before.