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21 June 2018

One month on…

This time last month, whether you were invested in it or not, we were immersed in all things Royal wedding! 

Organising a wedding is arguably one of the most important, and stressful, events to plan. The day ran like clockwork thanks in part to the glorious weather, but there is no doubt that the military style management of the thousands of people, who all had their small part to play, was the main factor which led to Harry and Megan’s nuptials running smoothly.

During my career I have been involved in organising many events and regardless of how prepared you are and how comprehensive your to do list, there will invariably be something that happens which you can’t account for. It’s how you deal with this that determines the success (or potential failure) of your event. 

I always have a wry smile when I hear someone say, “it’s okay it’s a small event so it shouldn’t take much organising…”  In my experience there is no direct correlation between the size of an event and the level of organisation required; it is often the smaller more select events, where the expectations are greater, which require more organisation and resource to ensure they deliver.  As the saying goes, “the devil is in the detail” - and in terms of events, this is always true. 

I am a firm believer in a ‘to do’ list to ensure that every element of the event, however big or small is thought through to ensure success. 

But how do you make sure that your event has that added pizzazz? 

We know that our clients are busy people, therefore it is imperative that your event instantly piques interest whether that’s created through the content, location or format.  This can be easier said than done though, and it is this expertise that think offers, giving you peace of mind that you and your event are in safe hands. This in turn allows you time to focus on your clients and maximise the opportunities that arise from the event.

At think, we have a wealth of experience in event management and a reputation for successfully organising a variety of client events including Royal and Ministerial visits, open days, festivals, office and product launches and drinks receptions…our talents are endless. The benefit of enlisting our services means that you can also take advantage of the other strings to our bow – PR, marketing and creative services. 

Once you set the date for your event, the ‘to do’ list will rapidly grow; from a save the date email for clients to booking the venue, catering, entertainment, photography…. the list truly does go on.  So, if you are planning an event, but don’t have the dedicated resource to plan, organise and deliver it - then look no further!