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20 February 2018

Media is alive and well

At think, we are regularly asked what media should be targeted for our clients, what ‘reach’ the profiling has had and what other platforms should be a focus.  Of course, compared to ten years ago, the core of what we do has shifted from traditional and print-based media to digital. However, I firmly believe that securing quality coverage in target newspapers and magazines is still equally important.

The part that online and digital outlets play is now a big focus, but traditional media relations must continue to be part of our ‘toolkit’ when tasked with profile raising.  Challenged with tight resources at newspapers and magazines, our aim is to provide relevant, timely and interesting stories for our journalist contacts.  Being a reporter myself in my ‘spare time’, I know how useful it is when you receive great photos and well written information that you can use.  So, our aim is to provide this on behalf of our clients, especially at short notice, when a journalist has the demands of 24/7 online reporting to contend with, as well as their print deadlines.

As we all know, scrolling through social media outlets highlights how much news is out there, before we even get started on fake news! Facebook has hit the headlines recently as it looks to shake up its algorithms, trying to avoid promotion of the newly coined ‘alternative truths’. This will mean that content from friends and family will become more visible, but that has an effect upon the visibility of brands and companies.

These changes mean brands will need to supplement social activity with both traditional and other digital media. Securing coverage in well-regarded, reputable outlets is more important than ever, and encouraging your own personal networks to share these stories via their own social media accounts may become the best way to break through impending barriers.

Within the industries we operate in, we continue to spend significant time working with the global technical and trade media.  The feedback from a well placed technical article in a key industry publication can be extremely positive and can be backed up with readership figures and reach too.  We regularly hear of our clients being approached by potential customers after reading about a product or service. For instance, a recent article we produced for a client reached an audience of more than 50,000 readers in its key targets of drone and nuclear press.   

With media relations continuing to play an integral part of what we do, our aim is to also place an emphasis on the other ‘tools’ we have such as social media, internal communications and stakeholder engagement.  With a team skilled in these different areas, our approach will always be to engage potential audiences in the best way possible and continue to evaluate what this looks like for every story and situation.