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24 July 2014

Love thy dolphin

Following months of planning and renovations, we’ve settled into our office and are delighted with our new neighbour – Luna the Dolphin.

Part of the The Wild Dolphins Project, the streets of Aberdeen have seen 50 spectacular life-sized fibreglass sculptures of bottlenose dolphins – usually spotted off the North-east coast – popping up all over town.

Our new office at Bon Accord Square will be home to Luna the Dolphin (sponsored by Bristows helicopters) until the end of August, after which time, she will be auctioned to raise funds for local charities The ARCHIE Foundation, the official charity of the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, and Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Luna has been designed by artist Craig Harper and is inspired by the ‘lunar pareidolia’ phenomenon of perceiving images in the moon’s surface, most commonly ‘the man in the moon’.

Adults, children, locals and tourists are undertaking the summer challenge of spotting the decorative dolphins across the city. It’s been wonderful seeing so many people passing our door to pay Luna a visit.