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04 March 2016

Communicating to a Global Market

At the end of last year the government’s international trading group launched its ‘Exporting is GREAT’ campaign, with UKTI claiming that UK export figures will hit £1trillion by 2020.

UKTI aims to ‘inspire’ thousands of new UK companies (primarily SMEs) to look at export avenues through a lavish TV campaign, profile raising PR, roadshows and a new tailored exporting website.

The website itself offers a dedicated section for online E-Exporting, which provides access to online advisers, mailing lists and e-marketplace advice. What isn’t immediately obvious is perhaps the most fundamental starting place for any company looking to communicate to a global audience – your own profile raising communications strategy.

Strategy – clear objectives produce results

For the past 12 years, think has advised scores of companies - from start-ups to global organisations - on how to communicate their products and services to the rest of the world. One thing is very clear – no matter how good you feel you are at communicating your brand, you need help from a reputable communications expert to navigate the many pitfalls that may present themselves.

Your global communications strategy will be underpinned by your business plan, with clear geographic target markets, audience, sectors and objectives identified. From this starting point communications tools can be effectively developed to give maximum results.

Website – judging a book by its cover

Special consideration should be given to your website and how your brand will be judged by a global audience. According to research from Stanford University, 75% of users admit to making judgements about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design.

However, online audience interaction extends way beyond the look and feel of a site. Keywords and SEO dictate whether your audience can find you in the first place, with good copywriting and structure being fundamental to how long a customer stays to read about your offering.

Too often at think we meet new clients who have had bad website experiences, many spending thousands on sites that don’t function properly, are poorly designed, or are so content heavy they would bore even the most determined customer. We’ve even seen a couple that have never gone live, so nobody’s been able anyone to find them!

The team at think are experts in crafting all aspects of a new global reach website, as well as troubleshooting existing sites to right existing wrongs.  

Case studies – let successful work speak for itself

Ask yourself, are you more likely to buy a product or service if it is recommended by someone else?

Whether it is presenting case studies on your website, through social media or in feature articles, supplying your global audience with tangible examples of interesting work and happy existing customers is perhaps the strongest tool you have at communicating success, professionalism and quality of service in one concise form. 

A communications expert is able to take the work you do and craft it into case studies that deliver the most impact, with knowledgeable consideration for different audiences and publicity vehicles.

With many factors to consider when thinking about exporting and communicating to a global customer base, one of the biggest mistakes any company or organisation can make is failing to seek out a team of credible communications experts to guide them and help maximise success.

Get in touch with the think team to hear how we can help you effectively communicate to a global market.