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20 March 2017

Busting the PR Agency Myths

I get asked quite a bit what it’s like to be the only male in the think Office.

Most people probably imagine it to involve a lot of noise, a lot of Friday night cocktails and a lot of cake. And that’s exactly what it’s like, in fact the best bit is probably that there is always some form of biscuit or chocolate-based goods in the kitchen.

But at the same time, I know that everyone in the think team takes their client work really seriously. I definitely had some misconceptions about PR agencies before I started at think so I thought it only fair to give you an insight into what really goes on!


Myth #1 – A normal day is all fun, frolics and excessive chatting

Reality – The think team love to chat but the majority of the time it’s because they’re coming up with a great name for a new brand, bouncing ideas off each other for client projects or using each other as human thesauruses to find that one perfect word that just won’t spring to mind!


Myth #2 – PR is all about glamourous parties, schmoozing clients and boozy lunches

Reality – Yes, sometimes the think team get to make an appearance at prestigious awards ceremonies (and there was also that one time with Leonardo DiCaprio, but we’ll forget about that one for now) but it’s only because they’ve worked hard to write brilliant award entries to ensure clients make it onto the shortlist. More often than not, the girls eat lunch at their desks – and there’s definitely only tea in those mugs!


Myth #3 – The conversation in an all-female office must be mainly fake tan, hair extensions and houmous

Reality – I’ll admit, I definitely know more about these things than I did before I joined think but I regularly walk into the middle of in-depth conversations about political parties and referendums, and scrutiny sessions of the huge map on the office wall. Geography is a big hit at think!  


Myth #4 – PR girls are catty socialites with a healthy dose of attitude

Reality – The think team are genuinely a really nice bunch and made me feel welcome from my very first day – which was no mean feat as the only male in the office! There’s a mix of personalities in the office and all of them are well respected by clients. They’re friendly, easy-going and enjoy working together as much as hanging out socially.


Myth #5 – PR is just fluff and spin

Reality – I think there’s a big misconception that PR is based on ‘spinning’ the truth and adding a bit of ‘fluff’ to a story. The team are very switched on and work with a variety of clients in technical and professional industries. They don’t have to spin anything going out to the media because they’re great at telling client stories to the right people at the right time.