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22 February 2016

What story is your brand telling?

We know, remember and often feel passionately about the brands we love - but also the ones we hate.

But what is it that evokes these emotions – what really is a ‘brand’? Is it the logo, is it the message attached to that logo, or is it the product or service itself?

With all these avenues to address, no wonder it can often be difficult for a company to articulate what exactly it is your brand is saying about you, and how best to build it up in the right way.

Your brand is not what you think you represent, but how the public perceives you and, from start-ups to established companies, it's vitally important you consistently get it right if you want to last the distance.

Your brand is your audience’s reaction and emotion upon hearing your name and, if it’s not based on truth or perceived as genuine, it will undoubtedly fail. Think of the loss of credibility Volkswagen has recently suffered…

A brand needs to be authentic and, in order to get the public on side, you need to be truly invested in what makes you interesting and captivating to your audience.

More than just a logo

Although they go hand-in-hand, and your logo is very important to identify and distinguish your brand, it doesn’t explain what or who you are – it’s just the front cover to your story.

A logo works to establish or symbolise the product or service you offer – not explain or promote it. Your logo should be eye-catching, memorable and distinctive, but if your brand doesn’t back this up, then it’s pointless.

Although a designer lays the foundation of a brand visually, the brand story behind it and audience you want to attract are what truly forms it. Therefore you need to consider your whole story when developing you brand - from logo and public perception, to your business goals and key messages – it’s all imperative to ensure you’re successfully engaging with your audience and making your brand a timeless success.

Your story should run through everything you promote as a company and be etched into all your people and marketing and, in turn, your audience.

Make your mark

So what are you doing to make sure you’re convincing the public that your brand is the one they should commit to and invest in?

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