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Optimus Seventh Generation - Flyer & folder design 

Offering specialist training to a range of high hazard industries, Optimus Seventh Generation required flexible yet consistent marketing collateral in the form of a folder and individual product and service flyers to showcase its capabilities at various industry events.


thinkCreative designed a bold and eye-catching template to be used for the individual A4 flyers, as well as an accompanying pocket folder. Incorporating the company’s colours and house style provided consistency to the flyers, whilst the changing banner image gave individuality to each service Optimus Seventh Generation has to offer and promote.  


Creating a consistent visual template for the branding material has allowed Optimus Seventh Generation to select which information it needs to deliver at individual events. The company now has the ability to create a bespoke brochure, populating the folder with the flyers relevant to the industry or individual it is engaging with.

Being able to send the flyers out electronically also means the collateral can be shared with speed and ease.

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flyer and folder design for optimus seventh generation