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NOV Elmar - Newsletter design

think has handled NOV Elmar’s PR since 2008, including the design and production of its quarterly external newsletter ‘On the Wire’.

The publication works as a tool to highlight a variety of information about the company to all global regions, from staff announcements, training, new equipment, contract wins, completed jobs, new facilities, new initiatives, open days and noteworthy visitors. 


The management of the quarterly newsletter requires liaison with global regions in order to gather the most relevant and noteworthy content from across the company.

Our in-house design division thinkCreative enables us to create an eye-catching and informative piece of literature, in both digital and hard copy format, which is used to highlight NOV Elmar’s activity to potential and current employees, customers and clients.


The newsletter has proven to be an asset to the company, working as a tool to highlight the impressive activity that occurs across the course of the year.

From an internal communications point of view, it is a means of ensuring that the global divisions are made aware of other regional activity and successes. It also highlights individuals and their impressive achievements – improving the morale and connectivity of the internationally positioned oil and gas company.

The ability to distribute it both digitally and in print also means that a wide and varied audience is able to view the newsletter with ease.

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NOV Elmar newsletter

NOV Elmar newsletter NOV Elmar newsletter 

NOV Elmar newsletter