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Marsol International - Going global

Geography is no barrier when it comes to PR support. ThinkPR understands the importance of raising your company’s profile in the global market place and is proud to be part of Marsol International’s growth story.

With over 46 years’ experience in the oil and gas and marine industry, Mike Young has seen it all. Originally from South Africa, Mike is now based in Dubai and heads up Marsol International, a global marine solutions provider focused on the offshore oil terminal market and related infrastructure.


Realising the market potential for his niche offering, backed with his vast experience, Mike took the decision to seek external investment, and earlier this year entered into a partnership with RMA Engineering Solutions (RMAES) to support its international growth strategy.

ThinkPR proactively secured global coverage in print press with online media following the partnership. In addition, the team secured a feature article in FinanceME publication which case studied Marsol’s approach to achieving external financing to support international growth, as an example to other companies looking to adopt a similar strategy.


One of the driving forces for Marsol’s external investment was the requirement that many oil and gas operators have to award contracts. Many benchmark project value against turnover more than 10% to prequalify for the bidding process. Marsol’s recent partnership enables it to bid to larger projects, and ThinkPR look forward to supporting this growth.

To attract new customers, and measure its online profile, ThinkPR is also working with Marsol International to develop its website. Our team are happy to manage this process in-house, or remotely, another example of geography drawing no borders on our level of support.  

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