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Akrugo - Website development and design 

Dubai-based Akrugo offers a unique approach to staff mobilisation, and came to thinkCreative looking for a website that would identify with the challenges faced by the end-user and demonstrate how Akrugo could solve those problems.


Through regular engagement with the Akrugo team, thinkCreative identified the need for a dynamic website that was easy to navigate and had a strong brand identity aligned with other Akrugo marketing materials.


thinkCreative designed and built a bold, navigable site in-line with the company’s branding and objectives. The use of bespoke iconography, specifically developed to symbolise Akrugo’s approach, gave it a unique look and feel, ensuring it stood out to the viewer and against competitors. 

A distinctive ‘pick your job’ function, which shows an understanding of the challenges faced by various roles in staff mobilisation, was developed to further relate to the customer and outline how Akrugo could benefit each individual visitor. 

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Akrugo website design

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